Portugal Pavilion invites visitors on a journey to the future of Water

The Portugal Pavilion at Expo Dubai will launch tomorrow, 13 March, “Water – An unfiltered exhibition”, an interactive showcase which highlights the need of valuing water in the present to ensure its future. 


From 13-20 March, Expo visitors will have the opportunity to explore two exhibits in the amphitheatre of the Portugal Pavilion, where they will be invited to interact and learn about the importance of water as a universal basic right and a decisive resource in the future of humanity.


Guest speakers at the session include Abdulaziz Alhegelan, Executive Director of Mishkat, Saudi Arabia Interactive Center, and President of NAMES (Network of Science Centers of North Africa and the Middle East), with the paper on “Education and Public Engagement with Water Topics”, and Reem Sabry, Head of Design and Fabrication Section of the Bibliotheca Alexandrina – Planetarium Science Center, Egypt.


“The participation of the Pavilion of Knowledge and Ciência Viva at EXPO DUBAI 2020 is a great opportunity to put the issue of access to water and its scarcity at the centre of the discussion worldwide. We are taking with us a small sample of “Water – An unfiltered exhibition”, designed by the Pavilion of Knowledge’s multidisciplinary team, which will be available on the international exhibition rental market in the last quarter of this year. We would be delighted if it could head to the Middle East after leaving the Pavilion of Knowledge, where it is being very well received. The contents of the exhibition and its goal of raising awareness about the need to value water in the present to ensure its future are relevant anywhere in the world” says Rosalia Vargas, President of Ciência Viva and Director of the Pavilion of Knowledge.


Comprising about thirty interactive exhibits with an area of over 600 m2, “Water – An unfiltered exhibition” invites visitors, in a positive and captivating tone, on a journey through the many dimensions of water availability and its uses, exploring how science and technology, knowledge and imagination are decisive for a future with water.


Ciência Viva will also promote a seminar on March 17th, at 3pm GST, in collaboration with the North Africa and Middle East Science Centers Network (NAMES), to discuss the role of Science Centers on public engagement with water topics.


These initiatives come to life in the context of Expo’s Water Week, which takes place from 20-26 March, and is part of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 6: clean water and sanitation for all by 2030.