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An early pioneer of globalization, Portugal has been connecting continents and cultures ever since the 15th century. Its unique heritage is a true testament to our ability to embrace the unknown, to influence and be influenced by different ways of life. The Portugal Pavilion presents this multicultural unity as our legacy for the future, giving visitors a glimpse of what it will be like to visit, invest, work and live in Portugal.


Tying Together the Past, Present and Future

Visitors will be taken on a journey through the imagination and achievements of the Portuguese people, unveiling the world that exists within Portugal. A symbolic narrative of hope, talent, innovation and reinvention is paired with a sensory experience to reveal the humanistic values that bind our nation to the world.

Portugal Pavilion

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It is with great honor that we see Portugal's participation in Expo Dubai 2020. This plural exhibition becomes even more relevant in the current context, allowing us to present to the world what is best produced in our country.

Tomás Roquette
CEO, Quinta do Crasto

Viúva Lamego has over 170 years of history and know-how linked with Art and Architecture. Being represented at the Portuguese Pavilion makes us very honored and proud.

Gonçalo Conceição
CEO, Viúva Lamego

A fair like Expo 2020 Dubai is essential to show the grandeur, beauty, culture and art that exists in Portugal. It is to discover a World within a Country. At Maria João Bahia, we have this vision. To show the world how good, professional, authentic, and innovative our talent is.

Maria João Bahia

Representing Portugal through products of excellency destined for the global market is particularly motivating for the manufacture of Leitão & Irmão’s jewelry. Artistic expression has no borders.

Leitão & Irmão

Dubai is on the list of the world’s top cities, and for that reason represents an amazing stage that Portugal could simply not miss. To be able to represent Portuguese Design in the Portugal Pavilion is an enormous privilege and a proud achievement. My thanks to AICEP. Because “Portugal does Good”, I have no doubt it will be a huge success.

Mário Freire
Product Designer, SOCEM INPACT (INPPUT)

Longlife is honored to participate in the Portugal Concept Store with the original essence diffuser, with cork balls, presenting to the world an exclusively Portuguese handcrafted piece.

Gonçalo Duarte
International Manager, Longlife

As a 100% Portuguese company with a strong focus on internationalization, we believe that by attending Expo 2020 Dubai we will project the brand Revigrés in strategic markets.

Victor Ribeiro
CEO, Revigrés

It’s always a privilege to represent Portugal and what the country does best. I incorporate tiles, textiles and other elements of national production, not only for their beauty but also for their quality. And I’m bringing to the Concept Store in Dubai pillows using Viana do Castelo traditional embroidery technique and silk scarves which reproduce ceramic pieces by Raphael Bordallo Pinheiro. Different arts coming together.

Joana Vasconcelos
Visual Artist

Portugal's presence at Expo 2020 Dubai is a testimony of its multilateral perspective, indispensable for a global internationalization strategy.

Paulo Sellmayer
Creative Director, VICARA

Science4you advocates for importance of a high quality scientific education for all the children around the world through its educational and scientific toys, developed based on the STEAM methodology.

Susana Ferraz
Head of Retail, Science4you

Expo 2020 Dubai will be the World's gateway to Portugal in the 21st century. Design, contemporaneity, quality and diversity are the four words that classify the Portuguese presence at Dubai 2020.

Marita Setas Ferro
CEO & Designer, Marita Moreno

Portugal's participation in Expo 2020 Dubai is of enormous prestige and credit in showing the world our cultural, economic values and of the greatest importance for our nationality.

António Soares
CEO, Masaedo

To promote our authors through their books is also to emphasize values of imagination, irreverence, as well as the importance of art, sustainability and human rights. Our presence in the Portugal Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai is an opportunity to showcase our catalogue even further and what moves us as publishers.

Isabel Minhós Martins
Publisher, Planeta Tangerina

Founded in 1918, Ach. Brito is one of the oldest and most cherished companies in Portugal. With this presence, we intend to spread the authenticity and quality of our products to other markets.

Francisco Neto
CEO, Ach. Brito & Ca.

For Prisca, a Portuguese family business that has been handed down through generations for more than 100 years, this represents an important milestone. We hope that our presence will make a difference and offer all potential buyers a unique experience with an intense and rich flavor.

António Plácido
CEO, Prisca

TOPÁZIO opened its doors to the world in 1960, exhibiting at Hannover Fair. In 2021, we couldn't miss Portugal's presence at Expo 2020 Dubai, which honors 15th century Portuguese navigators’ entrepreneurial spirit!

José Augusto Seca
CEO, TOPÁZIO – Ferreira, Marques & Irmão

For Cutipol, being present in the Portugal Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai represents the recognition of the quality and design that has been developed over time in the art of table cutlery in the Guimarães region and a certificate of what is best made in the country. It is with great pride that we find ourselves involved in this project, contributing to the promotion of the Portugal brand throughout the world.

João Pedro Ribeiro
Operations Manager, Cutipol



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    Portugal Concept Store

    Under the spotlight of Expo 2020 Dubai, the Portugal Concept Store is a brand showcase featuring some of the finest, genuine, proven origin, handmade Portuguese products. Tailored by our finest designers and brought to life through impeccable craftsmanship. 

    The Portugal Concept Store will present 40 brands along with 170 highly sophisticated products ranging from Food to Fashion, Home Décor, Personal Care, Toys and many others. 

    Making its first rollout in the United Arab Emirates, the concept store was developed by AICEP (Portuguese Trade & Investment Agency) and it aspires to meet the growing demand for all things “Made In Portugal”, in order to attract and nurture the loyalty of customers worldwide.

    Portuguese Pavillion