Mar 26 - Mar 26 2022

Photography Exhibition “LONGING.IMAGE”

The photography exhibition, ”LONGING.IMAGE", curated by Francisco Lacerda, promotes the photographic work of selected Portuguese artists. “Image”, or “Imago” in Portuguese, comes from Latin and is recognized in many languages.

"Longing" or "Saudade" is one of only a few words in Portuguese that does not have a literal translation in many other languages. "Saudade" implies a feeling of nostalgia. "Saudade" usually refers to the memory of something that was, or is, dear to us (family members or friends, for example), of something that gave us pleasure to live, to share, to feel and that always remains in our memory. "Saudade" came into frequent usage after 1415 when Portuguese explorers and mariners left their homes to discover new worlds.

This exhibition of photographs by select Portuguese artists shows different types of photography, which allow us to expand our visual experience and invite us to feel a wide range of emotions.

More information:

Adélia Clavien
Carlos Hernâni
Cristina Albaker
Elsa Figueiredo
Gonçalo Fonseca
Marc Sarkis Gulbenkian
Rodolfo Lopes
Ricardo Reis
Rita Vitorino

Francisco Lacerda is both artist and curator of contemporary art. He has held and participated in exhibitions together with other artists, around the world, such as: Rizon Jet, Four Seasons, Bulgari Hotel & Residences, Katara, Sky Valet and Hotusa Group.
More recently, Francisco Lacerda has dedicated himself to the coverage of various artistic events and to the direction of the Portuguese magazine USIAReview, whose focus is the dissemination of world culture.
When collaborating for the Hotusa group's art magazine, he conducted interviews with artists like: Duane Michals; Steve McCurry; Albert Watson; Gerard Fromanger; John Akomfrah; Berndnaut Smilde; Julian Marshall and Pedro Calapez.
  • Mar 26 - Mar 29 2022

  • Portugal Pavilion