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One country in every face

Vivid portraits of Portuguese expressions and emotions will be the first official greeting of the Portugal Pavilion, a way of saying: “Hello! Welcome!”.

From the very beginning, visitors will be met with a narrative of diversity and inclusion, where the human being stands out as the main ‘character’ and the inspirational element that steers the entire Exhibition route.

The first leg of this journey starts with the warm and authentic welcome of the Portuguese.

Our smiles are as generous as our landscapes, so we invite visitors to connect with the universal human emotions reflected in the images of Portugal’s cultural and geographic territory.

Our Exhibition refines the feeling of belonging, reflects our common humanity and designs a connected future.

Ultimately, it sums up Portugal’s motto for Expo 2020 Dubai – “A World in One Country”.

A journey through the world within Portugal, between past, present and future, unveils the fusion of who we are, what we make, inspire and receive.

The Exhibition experience materializes various ideas: landscape, heritage, culture, history, cosmopolitanism, tradition. A fascinating tour that is bound to capture visitors’ hearts and minds: from the intricate art of the Azulejo to the traditional folk dances and costumes, to the nostalgic sound of Portuguese Fado.

Portugal Pavilion

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A world in one country

The first floor of the Portugal Pavilion provides an ample setting for the Central Experience, a key part of our Exhibition, where visitors will enjoy an immersive 360-degree multimedia show. The organic fusion of images, rhythms, lights, sounds and aromas, tells the story of our country, our values and ways of life. A bold visual narrative transforms into an opportunity of sensory exploration and emotional connection to Portugal and its people.

The action extends into a secondary room, where interactive screens synchronize with a unique soundtrack to express Portugal’s talent, innovation, and multiculturalism. Against this backdrop, visitors will be guided through the second part of the Exhibition, the Personalized Experience, inspired by three thematic areas: Diversity, Sustainability and Opportunity.


Our rich heritage embodies the concept of Diversity, given Portugal’s vast and historically reiterated cultural exchange with the various peoples of the World, especially the Arab culture. To this day, these cultural ties manifest in our land, our language and in the unique traits of our people.

History and Culture

As one of Europe’s oldest nations, Portugal is renowned for its cultural heritage, marked by African, American, and Asian influences, and by the peoples who inhabited the land before the country was ever founded. Visitors will delve into this history through images of natural landscapes and emblematic monuments, as well as Portuguese culture, illustrated through lifestyle, art, music, literature, and sport.

Hospitality and Tourism

Millions of international and domestic tourists visit Portugal every year, making it one of the leading travel destinations in Europe. The country owes much of its fame to the infinite warmth of its people and the generosity of its lands. From north to south, this welcoming culture has helped the growth of Portugal’s tourism sector, which currently represents a big part of the economy.


Portuguese talent and humanism are reflected in the global responsibility for innovation and building a sustainable future, on the pillars of society, the economy, and the environment. On the topic of Sustainability, we take a panoramic approach to Portugal’s numerous achievements in the fields of the ‘Blue Economy’, ‘Renewable Energies’ and ‘Science’.

Blue Economy

Alluding to our deep connection to the sea, the Blue Economy concept encompasses Portugal’s role in aquaculture, maritime transport, shipbuilding and, above all, marine biotechnology, the study of algae as a source of nutrition and energy…a true exploration of the ocean ecosystem.

Renewable Energy

A key player in the energy landscape, Portugal has demonstrated important leadership in the transition to a green economy, especially in integrating electricity from renewable sources. It is one of the top renewable power producers in Europe and was among the first countries in the world to embrace targets of carbon neutrality.


Thanks to a diverse and productive scientific community, Portugal has a well-established research base, primed to carry out internationally competitive research. The country is making efforts to establish itself as a global reference for science, research and innovation, where knowledge is harnessed for economic growth and the well-being of all citizens.


The theme of Opportunity represents the initiatives of Portugal’s aerospace industry and entrepreneurship cluster, which showcase our talent, enthusiasm, and capacity for innovation. It also focuses on the human dynamics of the Portuguese, revealing their creative and inventive spirit, their resilience and commitment towards achieving their dreams.


In the past decades, Portugal has invested heavily in education, infrastructures, and technology, to pave the way for those wanting to start or invest in a new business. With one of the most vibrant entrepreneurship ecosystems in Europe, Portugal is a top destination to create, test, fail and try again.


From startups to large companies, many with proven track records in international markets, Portugal truly stands at the forefront of the aerospace ecosystem. We specialize in building aircraft components and drones, providing safety for the space industry and developing electronics and support technologies for space exploration.