Portugal Pavilion hosts world-class mind-reading show with Portuguese mentalist João Blümel

From 1-7 March, the Portugal Pavilion hosted the world’s first show that combines mind-reading with cutting edge technology. Portuguese mentalist João Blümel put on more than 20 performances throughout the week, offering an incredible immersive experience for all Expo visitors.


With his new show “The True Influencer”, João Blümel presented a disruptive and original work that combines mentalism with high-end technology.


Through a set of psychological experiences, using virtual reality, augmented reality, social media, tech gadgets and even an original app, the mentalist invited visitors to participate in multiple ways – with or without VR headsets.


Blümel premiered the show in 2020, in the midst of the pandemic, with sold-out theaters in Portugal. Already with numerous international performances, from the US to Brazil, João Blümel brought high-tech mentalism to Dubai, surprising visitors at the Portugal Pavilion with a unique, impactful and highly immersive experience.

See what João Blümel had to say about his Expo show