Maze FX presents Metaverse technology at the Portugal Pavilion

The Portugal Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai, in collaboration with digital leader MAZE FX, hosted a workshop on Metaverse technology, presenting ideas and solutions for the post-Corona pandemic future and developing immersive content production.


The Portuguese company gave visitors a teaser on immersive experiences and concepts about Metaverse technology, which international companies such as Facebook, Microsoft and others have already started to use and focus on, especially as the technology sector is looking into new solutions to maintain a changing market.


Content makers and companies working in the field of Metaverse attended the event and stressed that the future is moving strongly towards the virtual world in defiance of reality – the possibility of holding virtual meetings, shopping without going to the store, as well as performing surgeries and helping doctors with virtual reality. Emphasis was also placed on absorbing Metaverse through elements: experimentation, exploration, digital economy.


Joel Vicenta, director at MAZE FX, said: “This complex world will allow us to experience a new multidimensional reality, in which we browse and experience the details of goods and services, using our senses and imagination through connected accessories such as phones and glasses, and through artificial intelligence technologies, blockchain.


“The emerging technology that provides a lot of tools to create content that is more persuasive in sound, video and other senses, simulation and animation techniques that support the art of stories, and create an interactive environment that bridges the experience gap through the presence of the seller and buyer in the new virtual reality, overcoming the obstacles of time and time”, Vicenta added in a statement to the Emirates News Agency.