Feb 10 - Feb 10 2022

Seminar | Portuguese Food Cluster

Portugal is a reliable and high-quality supplier in the Food & Beverage sector. Portuguese companies are creating competitive, innovative and appealing products to the international market, responding to global trends and consumer needs, engaging tradition with knowledge and innovation. Portuguese companies have the capacity, quality, technology and range of products to respond to global demand, providing buyers with a one-stop-shop concept with logistic advantages.

In this event organized by PortugalFoods and ANICP, Deolinda Silva, Executive Director of PortugalFoods will share with the participants the potential of the Portuguese Food & Beverage, with special emphasis on the Canned & Seafood. The presentation will be followed by a Portuguese Canned Fish tasting organized by ANICP.

05:05pm - Video presentation “PortugalFoods HUB”

05:10pm - Presentation "Potential of the Portuguese AgroFood sector" | Deolinda Silva, Executive Director of PortugalFoods

05:30pm - Video Presentation “DASP Middle East”

05:40pm - Presentation "Canned Fish Industry in Portugal"

06:00pm - Closure and offer delivery (pack of 3 canned goods)

06:10pm - Canned food tasting organized by ANIPC | Al-Lusitano Restaurant, Portugal Pavilion
  • Feb 10 - Feb 10 2022

  • Portugal Pavilion