Dec 7 - Dec 7 2021

Portuguese Filigrana (Filigree) Week

10.00am - 10.00pm

Portuguese Filigree is the art of working precious metals, combining fine gold or silver wires in a design of circular, spiral motifs that form a charming lace effect. This centuries-old art form from the East found its way to European cities, such as Porto, having a major trade waterway in the Douro river, and the skill has remained part of Portuguese culture ever since.

Today, this heritage is rooted in local artisans who knew how to adapt to current needs, technologies and tastes, combining tradition with innovation in the creation of contemporary design pieces that carry all the know-how accumulated throughout generations.

From 7-12 December, the Municipality of Gondomar takes its best goldsmiths to the great world showcase that is Expo 2020 Dubai, with live work demonstrations explaining the artisanal production process. The Portuguese Filigree Week will host two traditional goldsmith stalls, aimed at artisans and visitors, to promote the sharing of experiences, knowledge and cultural exchange, as well as a display of the most emblematic pieces of Portuguese Filigree and the “World's Biggest Heart in Filigree”.
  • Dec 7 - Dec 12 2021

  • Amphitheater, Portugal Pavilion