Nov 18 - Nov 18 2021

Conference | The importance of traditional techniques


ARTUR SOARES | The passion for furniture design and interior design started at an early age since his grandfather and father owned a furniture company where, as a young man, he spent a lot of time learning and creating "his first works". Currently, he's Founder and Creative Director at Designer's Mint Studio where he develops Architecture and Design projects, cooperates and advises international design studios on Bespoke projects and manages Furniture Design brands "Duquesa & Malvada" and "Mister Doe". Since 2016, he’s also a teacher of Project Methodology at the Lisbon School of Design.

ALDA TOMÁS | Alda started by designing for glass but porcelain turned out to be her material of choice. Since 2011 she works at Vista Alegre where she currently holds the position of Creative Director of this group and is responsible for coordinating its artistic residency, IDPool. In 2009 she received a Special Mention from the Jury at the National Design Competition, Sena da Silva Award, for her professional career. Her works Triadic, Lavish, Poison, Gryphus, Once Upon a Time, Utopia, Endagered and co-production in the Duality collection, have been awarded every year with the most distinguished international awards, namely the German Design Award, Good Design Award Chicago, Red Dot, European Design Awards, IDA Design Award and A'Design Award.
  • Nov 18 - Nov 18 2021

  • Amphitheater, Portugal Pavilion