Portugal promotes study and research opportunities during Expo’s Knowledge & Learning Week

Within the scope of Expo 2020 Dubai’s Knowledge & Learning Week, held from 12-18 December, the Portugal Pavilion wrapped up two days of seminars to promote the country’s study and research opportunities.


National companies, associations and higher education institutions presented various projects of international interest at the Portuguese Pavilion, between Monday and Tuesday, in the context of this week’s seminar program ‘Study & Research in Portugal’. Topics ranged from science and technology to Space, food industries and medicine.


The initiative aims to promote Portugal as a country at the forefront of technological development, that combines tradition with modernity with a focus on youngsters’ skills for the future of work.


During this Theme Week, Expo provides a platform to showcase and celebrate the knowledge, culture and heritage of all participating nations, bringing them together to explore the future of education and how its reform is vital to reflect a changed world, and to benefit our children, the economy, and society as a whole.