Portuguese president to visit Expo Dubai in January

The President of Portugal announced this Monday that, during the month of January, he plans to go to the World Expo in Dubai and Mozambique, in addition to opening the judicial year and receiving “all” Portuguese and foreign diplomats.


Speaking to journalists after taking part in a conference organized by ISCTE [University Institute of Lisbon], entitled “The future of work seen by young people”, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa began by anticipating his visit to Luanda this weekend, stressing that it was “a pending invitation in the CPLP [Community of Portuguese Language Countries] framework”.


“[It is] a biennial debate with young people, about the CPLP and the future, and the economic, social and political challenges of the future. It was supposed to be in October, and it has been pushed back until now. I had said I would go, thefore I will”, he stressed.


Laying out his agenda for the month of January, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa said that, as every year, he will receive “all” Portuguese and foreign diplomats, in addition to “opening the judicial year”.


“I’ll also have, perhaps, a trip to Expo Dubai, (…) and I have a long-standing invitation from the President of Mozambique, it was postponed because of the pandemic, to go to Mozambique at the end of January”, he stressed.


Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa travels between November 26th and 29th to Angola, where he will participate in the Luanda Biennial “Pan-African Forum for Culture of Peace”, a joint initiative of the United Nations Educational Organization, Science and Culture (UNESCO), the African Union (AU) and the Government of Angola”.


Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa paid a four-day state visit to Angola in March 2019, in return to an identical visit by Angolan President João Lourenço to Portugal, three months earlier.