Portugal Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai

Portugal Pavilion opens its doors to the world at Expo 2020 Dubai

Expo 2020 Dubai has officially opened its doors this Friday, 1 October. Under the theme “Portugal – a world in one country”, Portugal presents itself as a nation that once connected the world through the sea, sowing the seeds of globalization, and remains to this day fully open to the world, to diversity, to each and every culture. 


Throughout the next six months, the Pavilion will showcase the very best the country has to offer: from tourist destinations to culture, from science to entrepreneurship, from innovation to new technologies, not to mention fashion, jewelry, design and gastronomy. And, of course, the common thread tying it all together: talent.


Portugal will also work towards strengthening ties with the host country, as well as the rest of the region, in order to boost business opportunities for Portuguese companies.


We are all thrilled with the launch of Expo 2020 Dubai, which will be the perfect showcase to promote Portugal’s image across borders. An image that portrays an innovative Portugal, a surprising Portugal, a country that is open to the world, with all its talent and diversity”, said the Commissioner-General to Expo 2020 Dubai and AICEP President, Luís Castro Henriques. “We are confident in the success of Portugal’s participation, which will surely bring a world of opportunities to the country“, he added.


Located in the Sustainability district, the Portugal Pavilion is prepared to host grand moments of artistic programming and will place a strong emphasis on the economic front, particularly through weeks of business programming, featuring various sectors, product showcases and other events and exhibitions which will promote the best of what is done in Portugal. The most relevant themes include IT & Startups, Home and Design, Fashion and Jewelry, Health and Leisure, Agrifood, Energy and Environment and Cultural and Creative Industries.


Expo 2020 Dubai will host 192 countries and over 25 million visits, from October 1 to March 31. The Portuguese participation will contribute to strengthening political, economic and cultural ties between Portugal, the United Arab Emirates and other countries in the region.


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